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3Stake holders of the portal & type of access4
4Registration of different Stakeholders – How ?5
4.1For Company5
4.2For Expert8
4.3For User12
4.4For Student15
4.5For Academia18
4.4For Startup22
5Grand Challenges24
6Innovation & Collaboration projects27
7Discussion forum29
8Automotive Update Section31
9Quiz Section31
10Survey through the portal32
11Resource Library32
Annexure I : Stakeholders on the Portal & Activities34
Annexure II : Terms & Condition of ASPIRE Portal35

1.0 Introduction :

The Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision for an “AtmaNirbhar Bharat “calls for a strong and resilient manufacturing sector. To achieve this vision, there is an urgent need to fill the technology gaps in order to make India self-reliant in the key technologies for making the manufacturing sector globally competitive.

In line to above vision , Department of Heavy Industry (DHI), Govt. of India, has taken an initiative to promote domestic Manufacturing & Research and Technology Development within the country. It is proposed to bring together all the stake-holders who can participate contribute in this initiative via Technology Portal which will promote innovation and an eco-system to meet this objective. To facilitate this initiative, DHI through the organizations under its aegis, is creating technology platforms for various sectors.

Six technology platforms are being developed by ICAT, BHEL, CMTI, HMT, ARAI and IIT-Madras, one each.

In line with the recommendation by DHI, International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) has launched a new technology platform, in the form of an e-Portal, named “ASPIRE” (Automotive Solutions Portal for Industry, Research & Education).

This technology platform will facilitate auto industry (including OEMs, Tier 1 Tier 2 & Tier 3 companies), start-ups, domain experts/professionals, R&D institutions and academia (colleges & universities) to provide technology solutions, suggestions, expert opinions etc. on issues involving technology. Further, it will facilitate exchange of knowledge with respect to research & development and other technological aspects of the automotive sector. The e-portal will act as one stop solution.

This e-Portal – ASPIRE ( has been live since 15th of July- 2020.

2.0 Objective :

The key objective of this initiative is to enhance the technological capability of Indian automotive sector through pooling in of national resources and exchange of knowledge & expertise, in order to facilitate the growth of automobile sector and overall socio-economic progress of the country.

3.0 Stakeholders on the portal :

Following are various stakeholders in the portal

CompanyAny registered company related to Automobile or associated area in India could be a registered member. The authorized person registered from the company is the primary contact for any communication or activities related to ASPIRE
StartupsAny startup company can be member of ASPIRE portal
R&D InstituteAny organization involved with research and development , testing of Automobile products can register in this category
ExpertAny individual having domain expertise & working in automobile related area for 15 years or more can register as expert. It can be from any domain related to design, development, simulation , testing , manufacturing , quality , after-sales , supply-chain, consultancy for automotive related area. The retired professionals can also register themselves as expert.
AcademiaAny academia involved in teaching, research & development can join in this category
UserUser can be anyone who is working or aspirant to work related to automobile related technology ( starting from raw material to end products)
StudentAny student can be part of the portal by registering oneself

The details of the provision for various stake-holders is shown in the Annexure –I.

4.0 Registration of different Stakeholders :

Following are the details of the format and requirements for various kind of the registration in this portal.

4.1 For Company :

[ To refer Annexure II for terms and condition]

Important information :

For company registration, the e-mail id & phone number of the member representating the company need to be unique ( meaning that if those are used for other type of registration in this portal that is as user or as expert , same e-mail id & phone number cannot be used for Company registration) .

4.2 For Expert :
4.3 For User :
4.4 For Student :
4.1 For Academia :

4.0 Registration of different Stakeholders :

Following are the details of the format and requirements for various kind of the registration in this portal.

4.1 For Company :

5.0 Grand Challenges :

Grand Challenge is a fundamental problem resolution methodology for Science or Engineering with broad applications, whose solution would solve a larger technological problem for future . Encouraging innovation and enhancing indigenous capabilities, subsequently leading to a reduction in imports, is one of the main driving forces behind automotive Grand Challenges.

ASPIRE is going to support the entire Indian automotive ecosystem by floating challenges at large scale to focus on future technologies and process development.

Participation and engagement from all stakeholders, including OEMs, component suppliers, R& D centres, start-ups and academic institutions and domain experts for the Grand Challenges hosted in this ASPIRE portal is aimed to fulfil the Government of India’s ‘Aatma-nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ and to have or a self-reliant automotive eco-system in the country.

Advantages of Grand Challenges and aim :
  • Developing fundamental innovation solutions for wider application
  • Import reduction
  • Innovative and low cost solutions
Who will host the Grand Challenges :

ICAT , on behalf of the ASPIRE portal can host the grand challenges . Grand challenges can be sponsored by ICAT or Government or Industries ( or in a collaborative way on PPP basis).

Following format to be followed for approval of any grand challenge for the portal.

Who can participate in the Grand Challenges :

Any registered company , startups , academia , expert having domain knowledge or expertise related to the respective grand challenge can participate in this.

How system work for the Grand Challenge:

Creating of a grand challenge by clicking the “New Challenge” Option which will call for following details :

New Challenge

Once grand challenge (GC) is hosted on the portal it will be visible to all portal visitors. However to participate in the Grand Challenge one have be registered member of the portal.

Organization or Individual meeting the criteria of the GC , can express interest to join the GC and can submit the bid. This can be done by individual ( organization / expert/academia) or forming the consortium also.

Response of the bid will be visible to the owner or admin of the GC only.

6.0 Innovation / collaboration Projects :

Any registered company , startups , academia , expert can host a project by clicking the “new project” tab

How system work for the Projects :

Creating of a Project by clicking the “New Project” option which will call for following details :

New Project

EOI can be submitted through the portal with following details:

EOI can be attached as pdf file ( present limitation is file upto size on 5 mb)

Once project is hosted on the portal it will be visible to all portal visitors. However to participate in the project one have be registered member of the portal.

Organization or Individual meeting the criteria of the project , can express interest to join the project and can submit the bid. This can be done by individual ( organization / expert/academia) or forming the consortium also.

Response of the bid will be visible to the owner or admin of the project only.

Any user are free to add a project in the portal.

However for proper feasibility study , below format for review and approval in the sub-boards to be followed :


7.0 Discussion forum :

Any registered member of the portal can raise technical query by opening the “New” “Query” tab and add the query as below:

New Question

Once the query is posted , this will be visible on the home page in the “ Trending discussion section”. The query can be answered by any registered experts, users, students by logging into the portal

8.0 Automotive Update :

Any news update can be added by ASPIRE admin going the “ New News” tab with below template which will be displayed in the home page in the card form in this section

Add News

9.0 Quiz :

Quiz can be added by ASPIRE admin going the “ New Quiz” tab with below template

Add Quiz

At present quiz can be conducted by adding the Google form .

Once quiz is hosted, it will be displayed in the home page in the card form in the quiz section. Any registered member can participate in the quiz as per the applicability specify.

Process of Quiz :
  • 10 questions with multiple choice answer will be there in the Google form.
  • End date of the quiz will be notified in the particular quiz card. Typically quiz window will be for fortnight.
  • Duration of the quiz ( time available to one to answer once started) will be stipulated in the form and time will be displayed in the countdown form.
  • One registered member can attempt a particular quiz only one time.
  • Winner of the quiz will be decided based on score. If there is tie of score, duration of the answer will be the decding factor.

10.0 Survey :

Survey can be added by ASPIRE admin going the “ New Survey” tab with below template

Add Survey

At present survey can be conducted by adding the Google form .

Once survey is hosted, it will be displayed in the home page in the card form in the quiz section. Any registered member can participate in the quiz as per the applicability specify.

11.0 Resource Library :

The purpose of the resource library is to support the registered users in the portal will relevant information in the form of technical database , technical library , Automotive related standards and providing linkage with the realted information of taxation , duty structure etc.

This section consists of following:

11.1 Data base of Industry Associations

11.2 Database of various manufacturers as below :

  • Vehicle Manufacturer
  • Component Manufacturer
  • Startups
  • Equipment Manufacturer
  • Testing and R& D centres
  • Technology Providers
  • Academic Institutions

11.3 Technical Library

Technical library to contain various

  • e-books
  • Journals
  • Technical papers
  • Technical Presentation
  • Project reports
  • Case studies

11.4 Regulation & Standards related to Automotive domian

This section contains following

  • AIS standards
  • Information about upcoming legal requirement for Automotive Sector in India.
  • Information of applicable IS standards


Stakeholders on the portal & Activities





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