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Counterfeit Spare Parts Usage Control

Product counterfeiting has been described by many as the " Crime of the 21st Century". Its growth has followed the overall growth of the global economy and outsourcing. I propose the following solution to control the counterfeiting - An RFID chip can be embedded in Genuine spare parts. These programmed RFID will communicate with nearby placed antenna (Connected to ECU) on every Ignition cycle and ensure positive authentication. In-case of negative authentication, ECU will disable the engine and give error message related to non-genuine part usage. Steps- 1. There will be RFID transponder chips moulded inside selected parts. 2. The Chips will communicate on RF with adjacent Antenna for authentication purpose, which will be strategically placed on maximum 15 cm gap with transponder location. 3. All Antenna will be connected with Parts Detection System (PDS)- Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which will also be connected with the Engine Management System (EMS) on CAN. 4. There will be communication initiated on every Ignition cycle and transponder chips will send an encrypted message to prove authentication process. 5. In-case of successful message authentication, PDS-ECU will send an encrypted positive command to EMS for enabling vehicle start. 6. In case of failed authentication, PDS-ECU will send an encrypted negative command to Engine Management System, which will disable vehicle start and lit ‘Engine Service Soon’ telltale on Instrument Cluster. Benefits- 1. Vehicle / Road safety can be enhanced till its useful life. 2. Revenue leakage due to counterfeit spare parts fitment can be controlled. 3. Couterfeitfit parts usage can be controlled significantly. 4. Spare parts business can be made more transparent by controlling illegal imports and activities by un-organized sectors. (Usage of parts from stolen / Abandoned vehicles) This proposal can be considered as the advanced version of AIS 155, micro dotting.

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